Video of the day

Very cool video of how they made the court for this year’s Final Four:

Also, a  recent NYT article about how the NCAA (and various colleges ) are now “branding” with courts goes along perfectly:

Universities and college conferences, and even theN.C.A.A., increasingly see the basketball court as one of the last untapped frontiers for image making. The goal is a steady stream of discussion and instant identification, especially by those clicking through television channels.

“There’s a lot of focus on branding,” Butterly said. “It’s so important, especially with all the recent conference realignment. Programs want to stand out and brand who they are. And the basketball court is one way to do that.” …

Until a few years ago, the N.C.A.A. used the courts already in place in arenas for its postseason championship tournament. But it found it increasingly difficult to brand itself amid the visual commotion.

So the N.C.A.A. came up with its own design — courts uniformly adorned with little more than a thick black border and a blue N.C.A.A. logo, with a splashier version for the Final Four.

In that way, the N.C.A.A. engages in a branding effort of its own, using a minimalist approach to stand out.

Ebert Cartoons

Lots of great stuff written about Roger Ebert the past few days.  If Roger Ebert were still alive, I could have counted on him sharing links on FB with some of these excellent pieces.  My favorite, though, was the New Yorker’s tribute to the many captions he entered for the cartoon caption contest.  His very best apparently never made it past the censors, but damn is it good:


Definitely check them all out.

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