The Manchurian Speaker

Loved this from Ezra:

Consider this another way. Imagine hardcore, Social Security-loving liberals had managed to place a Manchurian candidate into the top ranks of GOP leadership. What would they have him do?

One answer would be that upon hearing the codeword “revenues,” he’d tearfully confess that Republicans had it all wrong, and the country needed higher taxes and Medicare-for-all. But what would that achieve? He’d be instantly ejected from the Republican Party. His word would carry no weight. All that brainwashing would’ve been for nothing.

Another answer is that they’d have him cut a deal with the president. But any deal that could secure Republican votes — if indeed any deal could secure Republican votes — would require big cuts to the programs that liberals hold dear, and the cost of adding further tax increases would be a reversal of defense cuts that liberals quite like. The political advantage Democrats hold on Social Security and Medicare would also be weakened, and the GOP could run in the next election as a more moderate party willing to accept tax increases in return for entitlement cuts. Then, upon winning, they could cut taxes again.

The more strategic position would be for the Manchurian Speaker to do something akin to what Boehner is doing now: Take control of the Republican Party and use conservatives as cover for scotching plausible deals that liberals don’t like in a way that weakens the brand of the Republican Party.

Boehner, of course, isn’t a Manchurian speaker. He’s simply the leader of a party that won’t abide any further tax increases. But his party is losing elections, its brand is in tatters, and his reaction to Obama’s budget will come as a great comfort to many on the left. That should give him some pause.

Hmmm,not expecting that pause.  Anyway, hard to argue with the logic here.  The Republicans do themselves a real disservice with their low taxes for the rich über alles approach.

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