Video of the day

Totally disappointing weekend at the ACC Tournament.  Watched Duke get beaten soundly and deservedly by Maryland on Friday night and watched NC State lose to Miami today.  Best thing I saw, this amazing acrobatic gymnastic team at half-time.  Among other things, they are “North Dakota’s official goodwill ambassadors ”  Anyway, when it’s just gymnasts flying all around like mad, it’s pretty awesome.

Photo of the day

From a recent National Geographic photo of the day:

Picture of fireworks over the Vaux-le-Vicomte gardens in France

Vaux-le-Vicomte Gardens, France

Photograph by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel, National Geographic

A fete like this, in the sumptuous gardens of Vaux-le-Vicomte, marked the beginning of the end for owner Nicolas Fouquet in 1661. Louis XIV came, saw, and coveted; he confiscated the property and imprisoned Fouquet.

Belated papal thoughts

A former students emailed to say she was surprised that I had not had anything to say about the new Pope here.  I’m surprised to.  Just been lazy, I guess.  Here’s what I told her…

I’m quite ambivalent.  I love the humility and the seeming commitment to poverty and social justice (and the implications of choosing to be named after St. Francis), but I don’t like that he’s so outspoken against gays. I don’t expect him not to follow the party line, but I don’t like that he’s so emphatic about it.  I’m somewhat with-holding judgement to see where his emphasis is in office. I was fully aware that there would be significant disagreement between myself and any possible new pope, but what I really want is a commitment to Catholic Social Teaching and fighting poverty. As long as there’s that, I’m willing to forgive a lot. But, we’ll see.   As for the domestic Argentina angle, unless I hear evidence a lot more compelling than I have so far, I’m withholding judgement. Considering the possible range of people who could have been named pope, I think I’m reasonably pleased.  Considering the type of pope I’d really like to see (unrealistic) I’d have to be considered disappointed.

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