The Walking Dead

So, I watch the Walking Dead because I find it generally entertaining, but suffering from really mediocre writing.  I’m not a particularly big zombie fan, but am easily sucked in by things post-apocalyptic in nature.   I guess I shouldn’t be, but I do find it annoying how much more popular it is than so many far superior shows (who am I kidding, it’s not like the Wire or Arrested Development ever got good ratings).  But this?

The Walking Dead” is the biggest hit in the history of AMC, and one of the biggest in the history of cable television — at the moment, it’s the highest-rated entertainment show of this season in all of television

That’s nuts.  My line for a while has been that the Walking Dead is what’s considered a good television show by people who don’t actually know what good television shows are.  And I find it somewhat depressing that people will put up with such aimless and ordinary writing all so they can see some zombies get splattered.  Why am I watching you ask?  Not for zombie splattering, but I really do love the idea of a small band of people try to survive in extremis, even if the writing is only okay.

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