Lies and conservative lies

Do liberals really tell lies this bold, misleading, and destructive.  Nope.  But here’s Eric Cantor via Politifact:

House Majority Leader Cantor says Washington’s spending habits are so bad that they’ve entered the realm of fantasy.

“The National Science Foundation spent $1.2 million paying seniors to play World of Warcraft to study the impact it had on their brain,” Cantor, R-7th, claimed in a Feb. 19 news release identifying examples of what he said are wasteful spending…

We asked Cantor’s office where the majority leader got his information. Megan Whittemore, a deputy press secretary, sent us information about a $1.2 million grant by the National Science Foundation in mid 2009. The money was awarded to North Carolina State University [emphasis mine] and Georgia Tech to study whether computer games can slow the mental decline in elderly people and, if so, to develop specific “brain games” to achieve that goal. The premise is that the memory, problem-solving and strategies needed to master some online games may be beneficial to seniors.

The first part of the research involves seniors frequently playing Boomblox — a spatial puzzle game on the Wii entertainment system in which players knock down blocks. About 200 participants undergo cognitive testing before they are introduced to the game and then again at a later date to see if playing has produced any changes.

Hmmm, finding ways to use computers to improve cognitive function of the elderly.  Actually sounds like a great investment of federal money.  I know (a little bit) the Psychology professor who does this and he’s really bright and this is very useful research that could materially improve the lives of many elderly Americans.  And we get that turned into Cantor’s disgusting slander.

And sadly, totally typical Republican slander of good things that government is trying to do.   To go back to a theme, Cantor is either too stupid to understand what the research is about or too immoral to care about such bald-face lying.  Either option isn’t pretty.  In the bigger picture, it certainly does not good for our democracy to have Republicans as an everyday matter-of-course slander good things that our government does.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Lies and conservative lies

  1. Deborah Ferry says:

    I like the way Republicans never see the big picture, or at least, never tell about the big picture. Personally, I think the politicians that make such statements are immoral, and those that believe them without question, stupid.

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