Colbert on Rubio

Not surprisingly, a damn funny take on Rubio’s water moment from Stephen Colbert.  The reason I feel compelled to share it, though, is it is actually the first Colbert clip my son David (13) has ever seen.  He loved it.  Clearly, I need to expose him to more.  And, on a semi-related note, really the best part of being a parent is sharing the love of something with a child.   We actually watched the Colbert clip because we had just been to see an author at a bookstore and he made a nice Rubio joke when reaching for his water– thus, necessitating my need to explain to David via youtube when arriving home.  And it was a great experience learning all about The Genius of Dogs together.  Sharing in great satire making fun of Republicans and sharing in an intellectual evening learning about dogs– a great night of parenthood.

(and p.s., annoying that there was no Hulu clip of just this part of the show, but love that Hulu lets you set customizable clips)


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