Americans want  deficits!

Outstanding NYT economics columnist was on the Slate Poltical Gabfest last week discussing his new e-book, Here’s the Deal, about our economic problems and what we should do about.   This is the rare ebook I’m actually going to buy.  I was reminded of this yesterday when getting my Gallup update informing me that Americans are quite unhappy with Obama’s handling of the deficit, with nearly 2/3 disapproving.  Here’s my response to the American public– liars!  As Leonhardt point out, Americans want low taxes and lots of government services, especially spending on Social Security and Medicare.  Guess what the result of that is– deficits!  So, the American public may be opposed to deficits, but they are even more strongly opposed to policies that would actually reduce deficits– broad-based higher taxes and substantial cuts to the largest government programs.


About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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