Watch this video and you may be breaking the law

So, the SPCA of Wake County made this really cool video to the tune of ABBA’s “Take a chance on me.”  Eventually it went viral.  The SPCA is happy to work with ABBA’s copyright holders to make this all legal and above board, but apparently they aren’t interested in any cooperation.  What a shame!  Such a good cause, and it’s hard to see how this possibly hurts ABBA.  Very interesting story about it in the N&O today.  Obviously, the official video has been pulled, but a search for: take a chance on me SPCA should get the trick  done should the embedded video below be pulled by the time you see this.

Photo of the day

Very cool set of photos from Buzzfeed of a man who has been living among wolves for 40 years:

Image by Lisi Niesner / Reuters

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