Why do Republicans hate democracy?

What the VA Republican Party has done is just so, so wrong, and so inimical to democracy.  From the Post editorial:

IN A SNEAK ATTACK notable more for its deviousness than its strategic acuity, Virginia Republicans engineered a bald-faced power grab Monday that would radically redraw the state’s electoral map without so much as a “yea,” “nay” or “maybe” from anything so trivial as a voter.

Taking advantage of the absence of a single Democratic state senator, GOP lawmakers in Richmond rammed through a radically gerrymandered map designed to hand them control of the 40-member state Senate, which is now split evenly between the two parties.

They were able to do so, on a vote of 20 to 19, because one Democratic senator was in Washington to attend President Obama’s inauguration. Touche, Republicans! Count that as a new low for hyper-partisanship, dirty tricks and the unaccountable arrogance of power.

The Republican move was executed in the style of a putsch, arising from a conspiracy and with no warning, public input or debate. Pressing their momentary numerical superiority, GOP lawmakers amended a routine House bill by tacking on a new map, devised in secret. Although this is one of the most partisan redistricting plans in Virginia’s history, the Republicans then cut off debate after 30 minutes.

Now, here’s the thing, I’m sure many a person read this and defaulted right to, “well Democrats do it, too.”  But do they?  If Democratic legislatures (in recent times– there’s little in common between the old Southern Dems and today’s Democratic party) are guilty of such egregious violations of democratic norms as this, I am unaware.


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One Response to Why do Republicans hate democracy?

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    I could be wrong but it seems to me that Republicans are biting off their nose to spite their face. Every time they do something like this they lose a little more support. Once they have a hold of power they will ram through more and more crazy legislation.
    The Republicans believe they have a God given right to power, a Holy Crusade. When your on a holy crusade the ends always justifies the means. I don’t see how anyone could be surprised by this action. It’s just more of the same.

    Republicans are now behaving like a stalker that refuses to take no for an answer. The kind that goes to crazier and crazier extremes to get your attention when previous actions don’t work. After the victim goes to court and gets a restraining order the stalker often completely loses it, kicks down the victims door and shoots everyone he finds inside. Or maybe a better analogy would be an abusive husband that knows whats best for you, no matter what you think. The American people have decided they want a divorce, but Republicans say they would rather see them dead then free. That often ends up the same way.

    Be afraid America. Be very afraid. The Republicans are going to do a lot of damage before they eventually get the message their not wanted. I’m sure they’ll believe “it’s for your own good”.

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