Merry Christmas

I realize that it’s easy for me to say that non-Christians shouldn’t be offended by Christmas, since I’m a Christian.  That said, its long seemed entirely obvious to me that there are two, quite substantially independent holidays separated on December 25th.  The first is, of course, a Christian holiday, celebrating the incarnation of Jesus.  It’s about a great religious celebration.  And that’s it.  The other holiday, is an entirely secular one featuring Santa Claus, some catchy tunes, and people giving gifts to friends and loved ones.  That’s what most everybody celebrates.  Thus, although I’m careful with my Christmas wishes, it really doesn’t seem like a great affront to wish a non-Christian “Merry Christmas.”  I regularly wish that and receive a happy reply from my atheist friends (of whom I have many, I am a college professor).  Anyway, however it suits you, I genuinely wish you a Merry Christmas.  And if it doesn’t suit you at all, than I genuinely wish you the oh-so-generic “Happy Holidays” (and who are we kidding, Hanukkah is now long over and there are about 6 people who celebrate Kwanza).

And, very much on topic, a great essay in the Post yesterday about the evolution of Christmas.  Christians basically stuck it on to the already existing mid-winter pagan revelries.  Long after the time of Jesus.  So, this secular aspect has been there right from the start.

And, here’s your photo of the day (I’m going to resist blogging on Christmas)– your virtual Greene family Christmas card:


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