Quick hits

1) Interesting recent series on coal in Slate.   This one is about how the future of coal is doomed by economics.  It’s got a nice extended analogy whereby coal is the blackberry and natural gas is the Iphone.

2) Noam Scheiber on the internal polls that Romney’s camp were convinced showed he was going to win.

3) Essay from journalist Ron Fournier on how Bill Clinton and George W. Bush taught him important lessons about how to be a better father for his son with Asperger’s.

4) This Ezra Klein piece on “How a Sane Political System would deal with the Fiscal Cliff” is about the best thing I’ve read on the matter.

5) Obama honored Led Zeppelin at the Kennedy Center.  Love it.

6) It used to be that grief due to the death of a loved one meant that you would not be diagnosed with major depression (for clearly obvious reasons). It the latest DSM, the “bereavement exemption” has been removed.  Sounds pretty nuts to me (and to the to psychiatrist interviewed by NPR).

7) You may have heard about NFL players getting suspended for using Adderall.  That totally surprised me.  Jack Dickey has the story with what’s behind this.  And it should also be noted that there’s not actually any evidence for Adderall as a performance enhancing drug.

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