Video of the day

Time lapse of changing of the seasons in Central Park.  Very cool (click on the link for the larger version at Vimeo):

One of the most striking things about New York City is the fall colors and there’s no better place to view this then Central Park. I chose 15 locations in the park and revisited them 2 days a week for six months, recording all camera positions and lens information to create consistency in the images. All shots were taken just after sunrise.

by Jamie Scott

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

3 Responses to Video of the day

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    I’ve started playing with time lapse photography with my (newish) Olympus E-PM1 with a intervalometer I bought on Ebay for about 13 dollars. The more I use this camera the more I love it. It’s a very versatile camera that’s small enough to take anywhere. It also has a replaceable lens system and adapters for older lens systems, like my Canon FD non auto focus lens that I collected over the years. Also available for Nikon, Pentax, a whole range of cameras.

    I’ve been taking it to a small local lake and filming the clouds roll on by. Lots of fun.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Awesome. I would love to see these if you’ve posted anywhere. I’ve never heard of an intervalometer before. I’ve got the full-size Olympus– the E620. It seemed to me that the advantage of the tiny camera body was done in by the rather large (proportionately speaking) interchangeable lens. But, I’ve never tried one. When I want portable, I grab my Canon S100. Of course, what I’d really love– and what will presumably exist some day is a camera (including built-in lens) the size of an S100 with a 4/3 or larger image sensor.

      • Mike from Canada says:

        I think I sent a link to you in an email with my google plus page. I have uploaded a video on there with my first time lapse film. I really like the small lake. Although small it has an abundance of opportunities for pictures. My first picture was of all the lilly pads. I got it home and noticed that there were at least eight frogs visible in the picture.

        Have you looked into CHDK for your Canon S100?

        CHDK is a software add on for Canon cameras that adds greater functionality, such as intervalometer, ability to do automated exposure bracketed shots and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s free, may or may not be available for your Canon camera. You simply copy it to your camera memory card then press a button sequence on the camera and the new features are available.

        Worth the price.

        Yes, I have three problems with the camera. The lens is too big for a shirt pocket. The body is too small for a decent holding grip. The battery that comes with it goes dead reasonably quickly. Otherwise, everytime I use this camera I like it even more. I changed the menus setup and now have most controls available within two button presses. It has a largish sensor size, smaller then Canon or Nikon SLR, bigger, much bigger then consumer point and shoots.

        The lens is large, but for a zoom on an inexpensive camera it is VERY sharp. I’m constantly surprised at the quality of the lens. I was going to get a small size 14mm lens to make the camera fit in a shirt pocket, but the lens is so sharp I don’t think I will. I’ll just wear my jacket with the big pockets. And I’m going to get a surplus camo armed forces jacket that has a bunch of inside and outside large pockets. Looks great for photography. Except perhaps for the camo part. I don’t want to be shot, I want to do the shooting. With a camera.

        I went looking for a small inexpensive camera that I could take in my pocket. I got a Fuji JZ100 but after taking pictures all day almost half were out of focus, even those taken on a bright sunny day. I took it back and saw the Olympus on sale, did a quick check and have been happy ever since.

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