Sad white people

So, somebody set up a “White people mourning Romney” tumblr.  Of course, given that 88% of his supporters were white, you’d really have to work hard to find non-white people for this.  A sample:

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One Response to Sad white people

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    This is a small sample of what I was afraid of.
    Republicans (and the right) are not seeing the real reasons why they lost. They have told themselves lies for so long they no longer know what the truth is. Even those who are telling the lies now believe them. Some aren’t even admitting defeat, as the President was told that he must enact Romney’s budget. Obama doesn’t have a mandate. Two Republicans wouldn’t come to the phone when the President called. Now it’s all lazy minorities fault.

    Except of course it isn’t. Lots of white people voted for Obama. Men and women.

    I’ve seen this kind of behaviour in very young children. It’s usually the point where you have to teach them they can’t have everything they want, they must be taught self control. They often throw tantrums, scream and shout, pout, and throw little fits. Republicans and the right are acting in similar ways. Some children act out even further. They become destructive. The Republicans have already stated they are not going to raise taxes. At all. They will not compromise. Of course, John Boehner first said he would work with the president in his after election speech. Now that is forgotten and the Republicans are ready to punish America. Forget jobs, forget the debt, forget a balanced budget.

    Republicans and the right are now in a feedback loop that can only get worse. They have lied to others for so long that they now believe their own lies. It’s causing them to go further right as they demonize anything to the left of where they think they should be. They don’t hear any constructive criticism. Facts that do not jive with their world view are ignored. Voices of dissent are excommunicated. Republicanism is no longer a political party, it has become a religion, or more accurately, a cult.

    This can’t lead anywhere good. They never admit to any mistakes, it’s always someone else’s fault. This is a mindset that is extremely destructive. A person or social structure that cannot admit it’s wrong on anything has a God complex. Because only God is infallible. We’ve seen this behaviour end badly for individuals, societies and cults.

    I know I am sounding a little strident, but we’ve seen this behaviour increase in the right. The further back we go the longer it took them to get back to believing they are completely right after a defeat. Now there is no lag time between the fall and saying it’s the other guys fault. After Bushes defeat there were voices of reason calling for reflection. Not any more.

    The voices of reason in the Republican party are gone. Now there is only a conservative media machine that only tells them what they want to hear.
    And blind faith.

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