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So, went to one of my go-to sites, the N&O, and discovered they actually had a gallery for The Who’s Quadrophenia show (truly brilliant piece of music, by the way) I attended in Greensboro last night.  Sure Roger Daltrey can’t hit the high notes like he used to, but absolutely amazing what he can still do at 68 (and Pete Townshend’s no slouch, either).  They basically just powered through more than 2 hours of music (many a young band stops short of that).  It was terrific.  Much to my dismay no photos of Daltrey and Townshend together, but this captures Townshend in the middle of one of his trademark windmills.

Scott Sharpe – | November 09, 2012

Oh, and tickets were pretty pricey, but a great example that you are better off spending your money on experiences instead of things.  There’s not many a $100 item I’d get more out of than the experience and memories of the show.

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