Post debate

Must admit to not paying as much attention to this one as I tried to catch up on 200 emails or so piled up while I had the debate on livestream.  Insofar as moments matter, “horses and bayonets” is certainly a good one.   Most importantly, CBS gives Obama a big 30 point winning margin in their post-debate instapoll.  A margin that size will really shape the nature of the coverage in the next few days.  Though, does not look like winning debate #2 really helped Obama at all– though it’s certainly possible it prevented him from sliding further.  I think the following pretty much summarizes it all:

Given the topic and the current state of the race, it’s truly unrealistic to expect this debate to make much difference.  Insofar as this race may truly be balanced on a knife edge (it may be, but I’m still inclined to think it’s more a plastic spoon edge with Obama having a very slight advantage), then even a very small difference can be very important.  That said, this has to be considered a good night for the president.

Okay, edited version.  When Nate Silver has a tweet that is basically the same as what you just posted (first), you gotta include it:

[p.s.  I’m thinking I need some cool little icon for my twitter account]

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