The debate loser: Planet Earth

Saw a few comments about this on twitter last night, here’s Kevin Drum:

By the way, the big loser tonight was climate change. Neither candidate mentioned it, but they practically fell all over each other to declare their love for coal and fracking and drilling for oil on federal land. Yuck.

Yep– pretty notable to have a long and extensive exchange about energy production and not a single word about climate.  To be expected from Romney, but the fact that Obama clearly feels to mention it would be a risky play is a sad thing.  Apparently worrying about the consequences of an over-heating planet is a luxury for an economy with and low unemployment.

I also found one particular chart I showed in my guest lecture yesterday to be fairly telling on the issue.  It’s from here:

Whatever Americans think about global warming, they don’t think it’s their problem– not going to affect them or their family personally.  1) Wrong.  2) Selfish bastards.

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One Response to The debate loser: Planet Earth

  1. Mike from Canada says:

    3) Extremely short sighted.

    I could name a dozen reasons why they should be extremely concerned, but they should be even more concerned for all the reasons we can’t think of, and won’t see coming until its too late.

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