Quick hits

1) Obama is not killing the coal industry.  The natural gas industry is.

2) Fox News doesn’t quite get what NC looks like:

Where the hell do you even get a graphic like that?

3) Cool time-lapse video of space shuttle moving through LA (sorry, no embedding for this one).

4) Time to get over our obsession with breasts:

Given prevailing social norms, perhaps this was a nightmare for Duchess Middleton. If so, that would be an understandable reaction. But what does it say about our culture that it’s plausibly a “nightmare” for a physically attractive 30-year-old woman to be seen topless at a private home with her husband? I wouldn’t dream of criticizing any Duchess Middleton reaction to this. In a similar position I might well be very upset at the invasion of privacy. What I couldn’t help but imagine is how awesome it would’ve been had Middleton called a press conference on a nude beach, arrived topless with a thousand women, and told the assembled press, “The photographer who invaded my privacy had no right to capture those images, but I face that nightmare on a daily basis. And no one gives a damn until one of them photographs me topless? Grow up.

5) Love that at least one hospital is taking a stand for not wasting money on expensive cancer treatments that are no more effective than treatments at half the cost.

6) Love this “11 things you know about Canada.”  Though, I’m pretty sure I’ve got several regular readers who do know these things.  Did love this map of population density (in reference to Canada being the world’s 8th least dense country):

7) Heartbreaking story of raising a child with schizophrenia and how the schools and mental health system failed him.

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