My prediction.  Debate is basically a wash.  Format is not well-suited for direct attacks on your opponent and neither man is Clintonian in relating to the common man.  That said, the real key is how Obama performs, not Romney.  So long as he’s reasonably better than last week–and there’s every reason to believe he should be– that’s a “win.”  Tie goes to the runner here.  So long as Obama does a good job, there will be plenty of headlines about Obama “bouncing back” getting his mojo back, whatever.  It’s almost set up for an Obama win in the media narrative.  It’s just up to him to come through.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Pre-debate

  1. yasniger says:

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    Need we say more….. As far as the media is concerned, it has always been Obama’s to lose & Romney’s to glean.

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