Ryan time

This is just awesome:

Enjoy running? Wish you were faster? Well good news is here! Some ingenious person created a website that lets you enter your running times and gives you a faster time using the same significant adjustment employed by Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan when discussing his marathon time. Ryan claimed to had run the 26-plus mile run in just under three hours. In reality he ran it in just over four. That’s a pretty big discrepancy, so get ready to see your times sped up to near world record times.

Speaking of world record times. I wonder how much faster some of them would be using this calculator. If only someone had the free time to do it…

Paul Ryan Speeds Up World Record Holders!

Men’s 100m: Usain Bolt

Men's 100m: Usain Bolt
Image by Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Men’s 200m: Usain Bolt

Men's 200m: Usain Bolt
Image by Alex Livesey / Getty Images
And plenty more at the link…

Low effort DNC post

Busy catching up from a great three-day weekend.  I did take some time on Sunday to jot down thought on the Democratic convention for the Slovakian media.  Thought I should at least share them here (in English):

 President Obama and the Democrats want to present a stark choice between themselves and Romney and the Republican party.  The economy is not good and if this election is  referendum on Obama, it is hard for him to win.  Rather, Democrats would like to turn this election into a choice between Obama and Romney—and his conservative policies—where they feel on much firmer ground.
Democrats will argue that Republican policies will simply take us back to failed policies of previous Republican president, George W. Bush.  There will also be a major theme that Mitt Romney is out to serve only the wealthy Americans, whereas President Obama is looking out for the middle class. 
Again, though, I would say that the key for Democrats is to get voters to think about the election as a contrast about who you want to be president for the next four years, rather than thinking about whether Obama “deserves” a 2nd term.  

Photo of the day

From National Geographic:

Picture of an aurora over Iceland

Northern Lights, Iceland

Photograph by Fred Schalk, My Shot

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