Stuff to read

1) Fabulous Condi smackdown by Slate’s Fred Kaplan:

Second (this is the chutzpah part), Condi Rice—a top adviser in the most disastrous, reputation-crippling foreign-policy administration in decades—has no business lecturing anybody on this score.

2) Quote of the day: Lindsey Graham (via Drum):

The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.

3) The evil genius of the porn industry lawyers:

At first blush, the multi-million dollar porn anti-piracy legal field itself reeks of graft. How could it not? The basic mechanism is thus: Identify a porno that has been uploaded to BitTorrent; make a list of IP addresses that uploaded the film; subpoena the names behind the IP addresses; send out form letters asking for a settlement to make (embarrassing) alleged wrong go away; threaten a lawsuit otherwise; rinse and repeat.

4) Reagan would be a socialist apostate in today’s GOP.  Great Benen post (building on a Bloomberg piece):

It looks like Bloomberg Insider published one of the more talked about pieces of the day, and it’s on one of my favorite subjects.

Ronald Reagan remains the modern Republican Party’s most durable hero. His memory will be hailed as The Great Uncompromiser by those who insist the GOP must never flag in its support for smaller government, lower taxes and conservative social values.

His record tells a different story.

During Reagan’s eight years in the White House, the federal payroll grew by more than 300,000 workers. Although he was a net tax cutter who slashed individual income-tax rates, Reagan raised taxes about a dozen times.  

5) NYT editorial calling out the lies of the Republican convention.

6) Really interesting piece about the tactical evolution of professional soccer.

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3 Responses to Stuff to read

  1. mike from Canada says:

    “The evil genius of the porn industry lawyers:”

    The Motion Picture Association of America, representing the major ‘legitimate’ studios, started this practice and as far as I know, continues to this day.

    Although it seems to me to be going overboard, I would point out that uploading movies is stealing, even if you don’t like the content. (It can’t be much worse then “Norbit”) I don’t think it’s unreasonable for someone to protect their property rights, even if they are horrible movies.

    They have sued not just the people who have uploaded movies, but parents, grandparents, anyone who has an internet service that was used to abrogate their property rights. Little Dorothy would visit the grand parents and then the grand parents would get a threatening letter from a dozen lawyers.

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