Quote of the day

Political Scientist extraordinaire, Seth Masket, on FB:

So far, the Republican convention has provided an excellent critique of things that Obama hasn’t actually said or done

Photo of the day

Recent National Geographic photoof the day (yes, I am a sucker for dog pictures):

Picture of a dog lying in a city square in Bolivia

Siesta, La Paz

Photograph by Artee Lynne Mamawag, My Shot

A dog taking a siesta with the pigeons in the middle of the main square in La Paz, Bolivia

Who is between you and your doctor

In his review of Chris Christie’s speech of last night, Jon Cohn throws in a nice little rejoinder to that oh-so-tiresome Republican trope about government bureaucrats coming between you and your doctor:

No insurance system in the world pays for everything. Somebody has to decide what to cover and when to cover it. If it’s not experts appointed by, and ultimately responsible to, democratically elected officials, it’s going to be insurance company managers beholden to their managers and, in the end, their stockholders.

You can argue it either way, but I’d certainly feel better with public oversight.

Yep.  People who are not your doctor are going to make these decisions. They will either be accountable to stockholders and a corporate bottom line or be accountable to the public.  That’s not a hard call.

I changed my mind

You know what, I think maybe I’ll vote for Mitt Romney after all. His wife thinks he’s a really great guy. [Okay, I know this is standard political theater on the left as well as the right, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.]

The one pollster world

We’re seeing less of it these days, but one thing that has always annoyed me is that when a media organization conducts its own polls, it often pretends that all those other polls out there just don’t exist.  Of course, as far as actually understanding the world (seemingly the goal of a news organization), this is ludicrous.  It seems to be less common these days, but I was taken aback by a CNN story a friend linked the other day that said that NC is now a toss-up state.  Oh really? Where have you been CNN?  Apparently only relying on CNN polls.  It’s not like plenty of other people haven’t been polling NC for months.  A look at Nate Silver’s site or the RCP summary should certainly tell you NC is close enough to be a toss-up:

My handy rule of thumb?  When it comes to understanding polls and public opinion, you should pretty much ignore any news organization that takes this approach.


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