Does Fox news make you stupid?

How could it not?  Seriously, a 5 minute segment complaining that Gabby Douglas was not patriotic enough because she wore a pink leotard in the individual all-around competition.  Help!


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

3 Responses to Does Fox news make you stupid?

  1. yannie1980 says:

    It makes you wonder who at Fox decided that this was a newsworthy topic and what were they hoping their viewers would walk away from after listening to an absolutely frivolous story. I guess in the end Fox wins because they found a way to get everyone buzzing about them. Fox is great entertainment. In my opinion Fox only makes us dumb if we actually buy into the fairytale that they are 1) fair and balanced and 2) a credible source for real news.

  2. mike from Canada says:

    Jon Stewart showed clips of Fox News that made it seem that Fox has given up even trying to look “fair and balanced” as their reporters (accidentally?) admit they are pushing for Romney.

  3. rroserred says:

    I’m not sure if it isn’t a chicken/egg thing. Does Fox news make you stupid? and/or do only stupids watch Fox news (Fox Snooze?)

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