Get over it

I don’t spend a lot of time on twitter (as this Post story focuses on), but I’ve seen enough on Facebook, that I just need a mini-rant against all the NBC haters.   The Olympics are always on tape delay and the internet is not going to change that.  You spend a billion dollars on the Olympics of course you need to recoup that money during the dramatically more popular (lots of people actually have to work during the day) and more lucrative evening hours for television.  Should the just run the gymnastics live during the day when way fewer people can see them?  (They already stream it on-line free for the die-hards).  Should they run their evening coverage on the assumption you already know?  “You probably saw on-line that Gabby Douglas won the gold, forget any drama, here’s how it happened.”  Ummm, of course not.  It is a little frustrating to actually avoid my favorite new sources every day to avoid Olympic spoilers?  Sure.  But I’m so tired of people blaming NBC for simply practicing capitalism (and giving me exciting sports drama every evening).

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5 Responses to Get over it

  1. John Wilder says:

    That being said they still have not done it in the style of ABC and the Wide World of Sports. That was the pinnacle of great sports reporting and no one has ever duplicated it

  2. Mark says:

    I totally disagree. The primetime coverage has been horrible. They’re already ruining the drama by letting what happened during the day dictate their coverage. The coverage tries to manufacture drama that doesn’t exist. It’s like watching reality TV. Just show the events, that should be enough. I also don’t want to tune in to 4 hours of coverage and see 2 hours of actual sports. Human interest pieces, Ryan Seacrest, and pointless athlete interviews are a waste of time. You’re honestly telling me people enjoy watching that stuff? No way. They just have to because the only way to watch the Olympics on TV is on NBC. Also, at least acknowledge that other spots besides gymnastics and swimming exist. They don’t even show highlights from the dozens of others gold medal events. It’s one thing to try get ratings, but at least put out a reasonable product that highlights everything the Olympics have to offer, not what NBC deems important. Some of us can’t stream everything online so if we want to watch different events we’re SOL.

    • Steve Greene says:

      You can get all the obscure sports you want on their cable channels and even NBC during the day. Yesterday, I was quite pleased to watch most of an indoor volleyball match and water polo match on NBC. ‘Would I love to see more actual sports and less fluff? You betcha. But my guess is that over all these years Olympic broadcasters have pretty clearly figured out that the mass audience wants their fluff piece on gymnasts, Michael Phelps, interviews, etc.

  3. mike from Canada says:

    I have to say I personally don’t understand the whole frantic obsession over the taxpayer funded capitalist orgy we call the Olympics*. *(‘Olympics’ is trademarked, copyrighted, if used in non proscribed manner the Olympic committee can legally have your children impounded, sold into slavery and have you executed and your organs sold to the highest bidders.)

    It’s billed as the world coming together, but really it’s a kind of nationalistic self congratulatory pornography of sports and sports like activities. If you like that sort of thing, well, whatever floats your boat.

    But in about twelve hours from now an endeavor almost entirely by the United States will have people from all over the world staring up at the sky, or more probably at a computer screen and thinking “We did that! Humans put a nuclear powered robot on mars.” And in a way, they will be right. The modern space program that is putting the Mars Curiosity Rover on target requires the work of people from all over the globe more then ever before. The alpha particle X-ray spectrometer (APXS) in the Curiosity’s lab was Canadian designed, but as well materials from all over the globe was required and mined. Including rare earth metals for magnets, uranium for enriching into plutonium as well as more common materials such as copper, and hundreds more. Electronic components from Asia, Japan and of course radiation hardened semiconductors from a specialty industry in the United States.

    Even if a space program like NASA is a United States entity, without a world economy a truly modern planet expedition like the Mars Curiosity might not be possible.

    So although the United States is about to land another rover onto Mars, all over our planet Homo Sapiens will collectively say “We did that”.

    While the Olympics have often been billed as bringing the world together, I think NASA has done more to show the capability of humans then the Olympics ever have.

    And no, I’m not going to send my share of the bill to the United States.

    Thank you.

    • itchy says:

      “It’s billed as the world coming together, but really it’s a kind of nationalistic self congratulatory pornography of sports and sports like activities. If you like that sort of thing, well, whatever floats your boat.”

      You just said “pornography of sports” and you don’t understand?

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