Photo of the day

No, they’re not set to make a bank robbery at the beach, but an accompanying NYT article is about how Chinese women have resorted to this to preserve fair skin:

Sim Chi Yin for The New York Times

“A woman should always have fair skin,” she said proudly. “Otherwise people will think you’re a peasant.”

For legions of middle-class Chinese women — and for those who aspire to their ranks — solar protection is practically a fetish, complete with its own gear. This booming industry caters to a culture that prizes a pallid complexion as a traditional sign of feminine beauty unscathed by the indignities of manual labor. There is even an idiom, which women young and old know by heart: “Fair skin conceals a thousand flaws.”

Just the other day I saw a group of Asian women walking by with umbrellas as parasols on campus and remarked upon how commonly I see this.  And there I was thinking it was the heat.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Photo of the day

  1. mike from Canada says:

    Didn’t I see these two on a Stargate episode?

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