Even more voter ID (and UFO’s!)

How rich would this be.  PA’s new Voter ID law calls for a currently valid driver’s license.  Guess who tends to have expired licenses and would be ineligible to vote.  That’s right– old people.  And we know which party they like.  Via Emily Bazelon:

What if it turns out, however, that the Republicans haven’t dealt the utterly partisan blow they think they have? The state made headlines by announcing that as many as 759,000 Pennsylvania voters may not have the proper ID to vote, because they don’t have a current driver’s license. And about 185,000 of those people live in Philadelphia, a Democratic stronghold with a plurality of black voters…

This data reportedly shows that between 60 and 65 percent of the eligible voters who may not have valid ID, and a similar percentage of people who actually voted in 2008, don’t have the right ID because their drivers’ licenses have expired. This expired-license group skews elderly and does not skew African-American. Which suggests it may not be made up largely of Democrats, since older voters are more likely to be Republicans.

Of course, this still doesn’t make it right.  How ridiculous that PA would turn away voters simply because their drivers license is expired.  Truly offensive to democracy:

It’s possible, then, that if Pennsylvania’s voter ID law goes into effect, there will be a lot of angry white, Republican, suburban voters turned away in November along with black Democrats like Viviette Applewhite. None of this makes voter ID laws one whit better. As drafted, with maximum hassle and zero proof that they’re preventing real fraud, they’re a scourge on our democracy, which is battered enough already.

Meanwhile, great piece in Mother Jones that really brings the data on voter fraud (or lack thereof) and makes the point marvelously by pointing out that UFO sightings are much more common that voter impersonation voter fraud. Some numbers:

Since 2011, 34 states have introduced laws requiring voters to show photo ID, and 9 states have passed photo ID laws, affecting 3.8 million voters.

Last year, 12 states introduced laws requiring birth certificates or other proof of citizenship to vote; 3 passed.

Only 48 percent of women have a birth certificate with their current legal name on it…

While defending its precedent-setting photo ID law before the Supreme Court, Indiana was unable to cite a single instance of voter impersonation in its entire history…

And here’s the excellent context:

Between 2000 and 2010, there were:

649 million votes cast in general elections

47,000 UFO sightings

441 Americans killed by lightning

13 credible cases of in-person voter impersonation

Texas’ new ID law permits voters to use concealed-handgun licenses as proof of identity, but not state university IDs.


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4 Responses to Even more voter ID (and UFO’s!)

  1. Every State has state issued ID’s in lieu of driver’s licenses that would be acceptable for ID at voter’s registration and for ID to vote. Get real here. Just because there has been so little voter fraud convictions does not mean that there is little voter fraud. You really should know better than that to use that “if then logic”; sort of like the Old Flat Earth Society that believed ships fell off the face of the Earth because they disappeared over the horizon.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Absent voter fraud convictions, what am I supposed to take for evidence of this buried iceberg of voter fraud except for the fevered rantings of Republicans with a vested interest in having fewer minorities voting?

  2. Geez you seem to have a selective memory. Acorn was disbanded and defunded because of multi state voter fraud. Holder dismissed a conviction for the Black Panther party oustide a polling place threatening white voters with threats and a billy club, you had lawyers dismissing absentee military ballots in Gore’s election, I had a whistle blower complaint dismissed from Federal Court over the Stimulus fraud by a college with absolute proof and the judge said that the college had immunity from prosecution in Federal court of fraud over a $2.2 million jobs grant where there were no jobs, no qualified instructors, no certification process, plagiarizing another schools curriculum illegally even though they charged the federal governent $575 book stipend per student, what we got was photocopied copies in a 3 ring binder. The lack of convictions just simply exemplifies government corruption that we want to change.

    You have to have ID to even cash a check why not for voting? You are being RIDICULOUS.

    • itchy says:

      Also, the lack of inclusion of Republican voter fraud in your examples only proves the massive cover-up of Republican voter fraud.

      OK, you’ve convinced me. This is much bigger than we thought.

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