Bipartisan cooperation!

I’m so glad to know that Democrats and Republicans in Congress are finally coming together to jointly face the truly troubling problems facing our nation:

WASHINGTON — Uniforms for U.S. Olympic athletes are American red, white and blue — but made in China. That has members of Congress fuming.

Republicans and Democrats railed Thursday about the U.S. Olympic Committee’s decision to dress the U.S. team in Chinese manufactured berets, blazers and pants while the American textile industry struggles economically with many U.S. workers desperate for jobs.

I get that this is all completely symbolic, but… please!  Even members of Congress know that large-scale textiles in the U.S. is basically dead a a few Olympic outfits won’t change that.  Oh, and I just cannot let this go by:

“There is no compelling reason why all of the uniforms cannot be made here on U.S. soil at the same price, at better quality,” Gillibrand wrote along with Israel.

Really?!  What about the compelling reason that Chinese laborers are paid a pittance compared to Americans and face manufacturing conditions with lower safety and environmental (i.e., cheaper) standards.  Now, it does seem like a political mistake for the USOC to not ensure these outfits weren’t made in America, but I so hate all this empty and pointless political posturing.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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