Quick hits

Lots of good stuff each worthy of their own post, but I can’t blog all day long:

1) Love Michael Tomasky on how liberals should fight back if the SC strikes down the mandate.  I think he’s exactly right (including in his skepticism of Obama to take this approach).

2) While we’re at it, here’s Tomasky on how the mandate should have been defended (again, he strikes me as exactly right).

3) Great Fallows on the politicization of the Supreme Court.  You’ll really want to click through.

4) Great piece by former VA Congressman Tom Perriello  putting the healthcare debate in a historical-Constitutional context, i.e., there’s a reason we scrapped the Articles of Confederation for the Constitution and some Americans have never been able to accept this.

5) Now, when I criticize Scalia, it doesn’t really mean much, but when esteemed conservative Federal Judge Richard Posner does, that’s got some real teeth to it.  On a related note, David Savage rounds up law professors sticking it to Scalia as well.

6) Great piece by Deborah Blum (one of my favorite science writers– definitely going to have to bookmark her blog I did not know about) about how regulation, of course, is meant for public good.  In this case, the regulation of cough syrup.

7) Love the idea of looking at calories per acre from various food sources.  Too bad I don’t like sweet potatoes.

8) 20 best movies that were never made.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

2 Responses to Quick hits

  1. mike from Canada says:

    I read the post on Cough Syrup. Great story. The link so people don’t have to search:


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