Fast and Furious primer

The Atlantic’s David Graham has put together a nice little primer on Fast and Furious.  That said, one point which I’m sure somebody has made– but I have not read anywhere yet– is that obviously even if Mexican drug cartels did not get drugs from this gun-walking program, they were going to get assault rifles somewhere.  Does anybody seriously believe that the Mexican gangster who shot the US Border Patrol agent would have somehow been unarmed if he were not (presumably) using a Fast and Furious gun?!  I mean, sure there were some problems with this program, but aren’t conservatives always saying that criminals are going to get guns no matter what so we shouldn’t really bother with gun laws anyway?

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to Fast and Furious primer

  1. Mike in Chapel Hill says:

    And not only that, but don’t people kill people, not guns? Are Republicans now arguing that if ti weren’t for this particular gun then no crime would have occurred? So they must think it really is the gun, not the morality of the person pulling the trigger.

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