Tea Party pandering in NC

Rather disturbing to read this today about NC’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory:

Pat McCrory sent a tweet at the state GOP convention that drew little attention: “Proud to support @NCGOP‘s resolution against Agenda 21.”

And congratulations to the N&O for not being wishy-washy, “Democrats say…” about this but straightforwardly calling it like it is:

With his statement, the moderate Republican mayor staked his flag with the most conservative members of his party and the tea partiers who believe the United Nations endorsement of sustainable growth, public transportation and open space policies is part of an international conspiracy.

McCrory endorsed a resolution calling Agenda 21 “a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control.”

I swear, the Republicans in this state are an absolute embarrassment.   As for McCrory, evidence suggests this is completely a pander and that the man knows better.  Here’s a follow-up:

Foxx, the Democrat who succeeded McCrory, accused him of “pandering.

“If there were ever a Republican considered ‘progressive’ on smart growth, it was Pat McCrory as mayor of Charlotte. He pushed for higher taxes to support transit and policies that encouraged dense, urban development. If he’s pulling away his support of progressive growth policies, it’s against the grain of what Charlotte has been doing, even under his tenure as mayor.”

The headline to this reads: “Dalton accuses McCrory of pandering to Tea Party.”  Of course, “McCrory panders to Tea Party would have been more accurate.”

What also really bugs me is that McCrory is always seen as such a moderate and reasonable Republican despite doing things like this.  What’s it going to take for people to realize he’s not actually so reasonable.  Even if he doesn’t believe this embarrassing Tea Party crap, the fact that he’s willing to endorse him does not speak well of him at all.


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3 Responses to Tea Party pandering in NC

  1. It is truly amazing what the GOP finds to stand against isn’t it?

  2. mike says:

    Its a waste of taxpayer money
    Its a waste of politicians time
    and worse it reinforces lunatic beliefs.

    I guess the UN had to go to plan B and completely reverse all their policies after Republicans found out and defeated the plan for the UN super-highway through Canada, United States and Mexico. According to some right wing extremists, they didn’t manage to stop the concentration camps choke full of republicans and right wingers that’s being run by FEMA under Obama’s orders in order to silence his critics.


    These people are crazy. They sit around reinforcing each others lunatic beliefs, telling themselves they are going to shoot police and federal workers, until some of them wind up being arrested for trying to blow up federal buildings. And Fox News, Limbaugh and Beck are always feeding the beast.

    Last night The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart showed once presidential hopeful Herman Cain and Sean Hannity arguing over if Obama was deliberately trying to destroy the capitalism, or if its just his sub-conscious trying to destroy capitalism. Crazy Cain is in the former camp. Cain is going to get his own radio show.

    It seems to keep coming back to Republicans and the right continually getting more and more extreme.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Yep. And the killer is the mainstream media still insists on this false equivalency (well, both parties…) and have completely ignored Mann and Ornstein– who, of course, call out the mainstream media for exactly this.

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