Infographic of the day

This is very cool via Planet Money— per capita GDP in proportion:

GDP per Capita (PPP)

Ummm, wow– Norway!  If you go to the page, you can also see GDP period, no per capita.  Really puts the US in perspective (and the comparison really shows the impact of China having such a huge population).

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2 Responses to Infographic of the day

  1. itchy says:

    Macao? It would be interesting to see a chart of the median income vs. GDP, since some of these countries have an exceedingly small number of hugely wealthy citizens. (Not that the US isn’t in that group, but perhaps not the worst.) I imagine Norway would look even better in that chart.

    • Steve Greene says:

      Indeed. Some of the oil-rich states also have excellent per capita GDP despite the fact that they are horrible places for the vast majority of people who live there. Now, Norway– if only it wasn’t so cold. Maybe that’s where I should build my summer home.

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