NPR meets TED!

I really enjoy listening to the occasional TED talk as podcast, but rarely do I set aside 20 minutes to watch a full video (podcasts are always listened to while I’m also accomplishing something else).  One of the problems is that you never really know whether it’s a talk where you really need the visuals or not.  Well, it now seems that we’ve got two great tastes that taste great together as NPR has started a program that curates related TED talks around a theme that are not particularly visually-dependent and supplements them with interviews with the TED talkers.  Fabulous idea!  I listened to the first today all about “Our Buggy Brain.”  It was terrific even though I’d already listened to a couple of the talks.  Very excited about listening to more of these in the future.  Of the talks in this episode, I’ve listened to all of Paul Bloom’s on the “The Origins of Pleasure”  and its is great.  Even though I’ve heard most of these findings already, it’s a fascinating summary.   If you are inclined to watch the whole thing, (and if you’re not, do check out the podcast), here you go:

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