Final(?) thoughts on gay marriage and NC

Well, final for now.  Gotta type these out and put this to metaphorical bed for a while.

1) Surprised (and disappointed) at the size of the margin.  Wow, 61% for hate.  Voting against any legal unions is so anti-family.  Gay people and their partners and children won’t go away– they just won’t be able to have any legal protections for their families.

2) I always expected this result, but that doesn’t mean I like it any less.  Primary elections always see even more disproportionate turnout from older relative to younger voters.  When you combine that with the fact that most support for gay marriage comes from civil unions, this was always going to be a steep hill to climb.

3) I hate that the Catholic Diocese or Raleigh was a major contributor to the pro-amendment fund.  That  really makes me think about my contributions to my parish.  I don’t know how much just gets funneled to the diocese, but if its significant, that’s going to be less from me.

4) I feel really bad for my gay friends.  How dispiriting for them. It’s easy to take this in a fairly analytical bent when one is a happily married heterosexual white male.

5) I’ll close with what proved to be very popular sentiments I shared on FB last night:

Hey saddened NC friends, take heart. This issue is only going in one direction. Look at the trendline here, but even more importantly, look at the age breakdown. All the young people will be running the show before too long– and the older people who so strongly oppose gay rights, not so much.

1996-2011 Trend: Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

Support for Legal Same-Sex Marriage by Age and Gender, 2010 vs. 2011

Those in favor of treating gays like equal human beings lost an important battle tonight.  But don’t forget, these charts above suggest that a positive outcome for the war is basically inevitable.

UPDATE: I forgot one of the things I wanted to say.  Added it here.

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3 Responses to Final(?) thoughts on gay marriage and NC

  1. John Balzer says:

    The article correctly states how the margin of general acceptance is thin, too thin for Obama to risk alienating his black voter base that largely dislikes the notion of gay marriage. The North Carolina decision is a tremendous set-back for liberty in the United States. Obama and Romney have voiced their opinions against gay marriage. We have only former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president who is on the record stating that gays should not be discriminated against and everyone should have equal rights. In the next few days and weeks, Americans are going to hear more and learn more about Gary Johnson. They will learn that he is a staunch fiscal conservative, that he plans on balancing the budget the first year in office, that he plans on abolishing the IRS who’s tax code is killing small business, that he plans on stopping the failed war on drugs, legalizing and regulating marijuana thereby sparing cost and wasted law enforcement resources. These are common sense ideas and they come at a time when our country sorely needs a restoration of civil liberties and a renewal of a free market economy.

  2. John S says:

    Regarding No. 3, I don’t remember the numbers any more, but it’s significant. JS

  3. Why is it that liberals think that they have the exclusive right to frame the issues. If we are not in agreement you claim HATE. If we are not in agreement with blacks the blacks claim racism and HATE. It seems to me that liberals HATE conservatives and don’t allow for diversity of thought if it does not agree with the liberal orthodoxy. It is not okay for us to simply disagree, you have to denigrate and yet you take me on for denigrating Obama. One set of rules for dems and quite another much more rigid set of rules for consevatives and yet you persist in going around in absolute denial over this. Sad

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