Coolest optical illusion ever?

Watch this:

This page explains exactly what’s going on.  I love the title they use: “a glitch in the Matrix?

Knowledge of Political Parties

Pew’s recent news quiz focused on what people know about the political parties.  I suspect it will be pretty easy for most of you.  You’ll be pleased to see I scored in the top 8% :-).  Actually, you’ll probably be surprised that only 8% of Americans got all of these right and that the media appears to be about 9 of the 13.  If a quiz was hard enough, I wonder what percentile I’d make.   Around 99.9%, I’d hope.

This page has the demographic breakdowns.  Nothing particularly surprising.  Republicans know more than Democrats, but of course they are older on average (among other things) and older voters score much better.  I did find the question by question breakdown interesting (but don’t look at this before you take the quiz if you plan on trying it):

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