“Protecting marriage” or hating gays?

First, I’m not exactly sure what Jim and Bob getting married or not has to do with “protecting” my marriage.  But lets grant that it does.  I like Jon Rauch’s take that laws/amendments that also ban civil unions are just plain mean.  But hey, he’s gay and I’m liberal.  Who else thinks the proposed NC Constitutional Amendment smacks of bigotry and mean-spriritedness?  How about a couple of people who have spend their careers arguing against same-sex marriage.  From last week’s N&O:

We are native Southerners and we oppose legalizing same-sex marriage.

One of us (David), reared in Mississippi, has for more than two decades directed a think tank, the Institute for American Values, that aims to strengthen marriage and reduce divorce and unwed childbearing. In 2010, he served as an expert court witness in California’s widely followed “Proposition 8” marriage case.

The other (Elizabeth) grew up in North Carolina and has for a decade directed the Center for Marriage and Families at the same institute. She has made her case against same sex marriage in national opinion pieces, book chapters and reports. We believe that marriage is a uniquely important institution that unites mothers and fathers to their children.

But as marriage advocates, we oppose the state marriage amendment now being debated in North Carolina…

If you want to create a backlash against mother-father marriage – if you want to convince people that the real agenda of marriage advocates is not protecting marriage, but ignoring and ostracizing gay people – then this amendment might be to your liking. [emphasis mine]  But we believe that the cause of marriage is hurt, not helped, by gratuitously linking it to the cause of never under any circumstances helping gay and lesbian couples.

Well said, dare I say that the agenda of many supporters of the amendment is ostracizing gay people?  Emphatically yes.

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