Has Ann Romney actually worked a day in her life or not?

This dust-up over “Ann Romney has never worked a day in her life” is just everything that’s wrong with political coverage.  The Romney campaign takes false umbrage at what an adviser to an adviser to Obama and largely unknown CNN political pundit says (which was entirely accurate) and we get breathless front-page coverage:

The so-called war on women escalated Thursday onto a new front, after a Democratic strategist and cable-television pundit declared that Ann Romney, the stay-at-home, mother-of-five wife of the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, had “never worked a day in her life.” This time, however, Republicans were on the offensive. And after weeks of hammering Romney and the Republicans on gender-related issues, including contraception coverage and equal pay for women, President Obama’s forces were thrown on defense. Taking to the social media Web site Twitter, where the gaffe had grown into a firestorm, top Obama campaign officials scrambled to distance themselves from the comments on CNN by Hilary Rosen, a political and public relations consultant who is a business associate of former White House communications director Anita Dunn.

Weiglel’s post basically points out how absurd this all is.  Now, was this a stupid thing (or at least a stupid way to put it) for Rosen?  Of course.  Unfortunately, the Post article doesn’t even give the full context of her remarks, but I find Rosen’s own defense to be entirely legitimate:

Rosen made several attempts to defend her comments on Twitter, saying that she admired Ann Romney but was trying to point out that the candidate’s wife — often cited by Mitt Romney as his sounding board on women’s concerns — has not experienced the economic struggles that many working mothers face.

I think that’s very true.  I totally support stay-at-home moms if that’s their choice.  Kim was one for years and now she’s a work-at-home mom.  But insofar as Ann Romney is supposedly a liaison to women (because Mitt can’t handle it), she simply has not faced the difficulties that working moms face and that certainly shape their experience of the economy and how politics impacts their lives.

Cell Phone Nation

So, the government is considering easing up on rules that require utilities to provide phone service (just like we have requirements for water and electricity).  I heard/read somewhere the other day that many kids today don’t even know the concept of “I’ll get it” when it comes to the phone.  Well, I’m old school damnit and going to keep my landline as long as its feasible.  I really like the idea that there’s a phone that belongs to the Greene family as a whole, rather than just Kim and I as individuals.  Apparently, we are a dying breed:

Landline use is down while wireless use is up.

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