Photo of the day

I remember coming across this photo a while back.  Almost made it a photo of the day, but picked something else North Korea instead. Saw via FB today that this actually won best news photo for 2011.  I guess I should’ve posted it then:

North Korea picture: one of World Press Photo contest's best news pictures of the year, 2011

Photograph courtesy Damir Sagolj, Reuters/World Press Photo

A portrait of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung appears to be the only thing deemed worthy of electric light in a cluster of Pyongyang buildings pictured in October 2011.

Though Kim died almost two decades ago, North Korea‘s constitution recognizes him as the nation’s “eternal president.” His son, Kim Jong Il, ruled the country until his own death in December 2011—not long after Damir Sagolj of Bosnia and Herzegovina had taken this picture.

“We thought this was a very powerful image that made a strong statement on what things are like in North Korea. It’s a little slice of daily life, and it looks pretty stark,” Sartore said. “It really suggests that, when you have a dictatorship, this is where it leads you—and it’s not a good place.”


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