No wonder I never get anything done

Via Wonkblog (where I was just reading when I ought to be working on a PS conference paper):

The less sleep you get, the more easily you can get distracted from work by reading Wonkblog (or watching cat videos, or whatever). From a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology:

As predicted, the less students had slept the night before, the more they were likely to wander off from their assigned task. Conversely, every minute of sleep meant .05 fewer minutes surfing. The connection with disturbed sleep was also strong: “An hour of disturbed sleep would on average result in cyberloafing during 20% of the assigned task.”

Not to mention, I hate feeling tired.  Though, I have recovered from my low point where I was consistently falling asleep while reading to my son each evening.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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