The Loser last night? Romney.

If I told you a month ago that Mitt Romney would just squeak by Santorum in his home state of Michigan, you would probably conclude his is a campaign in trouble.  Sure, in a narrow win, Romney avoids an absolute disaster, but let us not forget that avoiding disaster is not exactly resounding victory.   If Rojmney was going to win after all, it’s probably even better for him that he looked like he was going to lose there for a while, so that he could actually exceed the most recent expectations.  Again, though, those expectations a month ago were that he should cruise to victory in Michigan.  Romney certainly has to be considered a strong odds-on favorite to win the nomination, and who knows, maybe Michigan will prove to be Santorum’s last stand, but his narrow victory here undoubtedly points to his overall weakness as a candidate.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

2 Responses to The Loser last night? Romney.

  1. swissecon says:

    Looks like Romney will make it to the nomination. Which, in my view, implies Obama to be President until 2016.

  2. Steve Greene says:

    Not nearly as much as Santorum winning the nomination would imply your conclusion.

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