Dumbest poll question ever?

From Gallup:

As you may know, the Supreme Court will hear arguments next month concerning a requirement in the healthcare law that every American must buy health insurance or pay a fine. Regardless of whether you favor or oppose the law, do you think this requirement is constitutional or unconstitutional? Among all Americans, by party ID, and by view of healthcare law, February 2012

Seriously?  The average American probably can’t even name 4 amendments of the Bill of Rights, but 92% have an opinion on the Constitutionality of the law that most of them hardly understand?  Anyway, it is interesting that Republicans have been so effective in this when the mandate is, in fact, “Obviously Constitutional.”   Republicans may hate that Democrats passed major health care reform, and sure there are some conservative judges out there willing to blend the Constitution plenty for politics, but this isn’t even really a close case.

Among the most telling facts, you won’t find a single liberal who argues that it is unconstitutional, but there is many a fair-minded conservative who admits, whether they like the law or not, that its constitutionality really isn’t even in question.

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

One Response to Dumbest poll question ever?

  1. You are kidding right? Numerous courts have already declared unconstitutional, 14 states have joined in a lawsuit over its unconstitutionality and the Supreme Court took it up for review. If there was not a constitutionial question they would have kicked it back to the lower court.

    You are truly and highly indoctrinated liberal who can’t think critically.
    John Wilder

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