When is saving energy bad?

Why, whey you are a Tea Party, Republican elected official, of course.   Alas, the inmates are running the asylum and have taken over our very own Wake County (NC) Board of Commissioners.  (Quite the downside of having the local election at the same time as the 2010 midterm elections).  The N&O reporter clearly had fun with the lede:

An increase in the energy efficiency of Wake County buildings might sound like a good thing. Or conserving water. Or selling methane gas from county landfills to generate power.

Turns out the UN wrote a report on sustainability some 20+ years ago and now the black helicopter crowd thinks that the county wisely conserving our resources is part of a UN global government plot.  Yep.  Not just some crazies complaining to their neighbors who roll their eyes, but actual elected members of our County Board.  Oh, ain’t today’s Republican party grand!

In the task force’s suggestions, Coble and others saw a concealed agenda that limited individual rights and reflected the vision of Agenda 21, a document produced by a 1992 United Nations conference on sustainability and widely criticized by conservative groups.

That reading stunned many of the 65 task force members, particularly since the task force was led by Republican commissioner Joe Bryan.

“To imply that this local process was somehow directed by an outside effort frankly makes us feel shocked and a little foolish given the well-meaning intent of the task force,” said Karen Rindge, a task force member and executive director of the community group WakeUp Wake County.

You can read more to find out about the evil, internationalist plot to ruin Wake County, but it rests on such sneaky and underhanded ideas as having citizens conserve water (the horror!!):

Energy: Wake County should cut costs in harm to the environment caused by energy production and consumption, cut energy costs in county buildings and vehicles, and attract energy-related technology companies.

Water: The county should supply clean water at reasonable and/or predictable cost, cut back on the use of drinking water when not needed, and protect groundwater.

Waste: Wake should extend the life of the South Wake Landfill; make use of landfills, as in producing methane; and explore next-generation means of generating waste.

Anybody who calls themselves a Republican should honestly be embarrassed that it’s come to this.  (And Republican who is not needs a swift introduction to reality– not that I’m optimistic on that score).

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State http://faculty.chass.ncsu.edu/shgreene

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