Income, partisanship, and geography

Nice post from Andrew Gelman at the Monkey Cage summarizing the key findings from his work on how the relationship between partisanship and income is mediated by geography.  I assumed that I had posted about this before, but to my surprise, not since 2006(!)  In red states, income makes a big difference.  Blue states: not so much.  Anyway, I think his basic point is best summed up by this chart:

My second point is the now-familiar idea that rich and poor vote quite differently in faraway (to me) “red states” in the middle of the country but not so differently in the richer, more urbanized “blue states” where many of the people in this discussion (actually, all of them, I think, before Larry moved to Tennessee a couple years ago) live.

It’s an important point.  It would be nice to simply say that the richer you are the more Republican you are or that it makes little difference.  But the very interesting reality is that it depends where you live.

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