Is it enough to lead in the polls?

So, Santorum has basically caught Romney in national polls and leads in a number of key states, yet, still (Chait):

Here are some things to keep in mind when assessing Rick Santorum’s chances of beating Mitt Romney. He has no pollster, no campaign headquarters, and no paid advance staff. He’s currently getting outspent on television in Michigan by a ratio of 29-1.

Yowza!  I didn’t realize it was that bad.  If you’re Romney, you have to be asking, how could I be getting such competition from this?!  If you are a political observer, it’s hard not to ultimately see this as a sign of Romney weakness.  Not to mention the fact that Santorum still really remains a long shot.   I’m still quite convinced Romney is the Republican’s best chance, but “best” is a word not particularly suited to much of Romney’s campaign these days.  Chait’s conclusion:

As Josh Marshall put it, “running around the country in a long twilight struggle with Rick Santorum is just … how to put it? inherently demeaning and diminishing. It’s like struggling to land a one pound fish or searching for the way out of a paper bag.”

Romney may be weak but he can’t really be this weak, can he?

My take on that question… sort of.  Presuming he wins the primary I do think he will look stronger than this in the general when conservatives realize if not Romney, it’s four more years of the socialist, terrorist-sympathizing tyrant.


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4 Responses to Is it enough to lead in the polls?

  1. itchy says:

    Agreed. The way the election season works, once you get to September, February seems like eons ago. I mean, as of right now, just *last month* seems like a different campaign entirely.

    Romney’s job right now is to win the nomination. Once he does that, it’s a reset. The not-Romney Republicans will back him, barring a third-party Perot-like candidate (and, of course, with Paul and who knows who else, that’s a reasonable possibility).

  2. Be still my beating heart, are you actually agreeing with us repubs that Obama is a LOSER and we need to get rid of him?

  3. Steve Greene says:

    Nope. Apparently, I’m just engaging in insufficiently obvious satire.

  4. not Romney, it’s four more years of the socialist, terrorist-sympathizing tyrant.

    Well it is not satire to us conservatives. Just google the lies of Obama and The broken promises of Obama and it goes on for pages. Obama has surpassed that buffoon Carter as the worst president of all time.

    He continues to kill jobs in this country. We could put thousands of guys to work tomorrow and it would not cost the government a dime by okaying the Canadian pipeline and giving the go ahead for new drilling permits and new construction permits for new oil refineries. Instead he just keeps those jobs overseas enriching others at our own expense.

    John Wilder

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