Florida’s pro-choice Republicans

One of the more under-appreciated facts of American politics is that although our elites are incredibly polarized on the abortion issue; among ordinary Americans, it’s much less so.  Even in the more conservative lot of primary voters, there’s a lot of support for legal abortion among Republicans in Florida.  From last night’s exit polls:

If that’s a little hard to see, 13% of Republican primary voters favor abortion being “legal in all cases” while another 23% favor legality “most of the time.”  That’s a solid third that you’d label pro-choice.   Somebody I know wrote something sort of about this some time.


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4 Responses to Florida’s pro-choice Republicans

  1. Yes and as a catholic you favor being pro abortion in spite of the church’s teachings on it. How very hypocritical of you. The last time you brought it up I confronted you on it and you shut me down saying that you did not want to talk about it and here you are talking about it yet again.

    John Wilder

  2. Steve Greene says:

    John I am a Catholic and a political scientist. Sometimes the two overlap; sometimes they don’t. I don’t see what the above post has to do with me being a Catholic at all. I was also not aware that failing to advocate for 100% of the political positions of the church one attends makes one a hypocrite. Personally, I’d argue for the hypocrisy of many a Catholic on the church’s teachings of concern for the poor and respect for workers.

  3. Pro life is a principle doctrine of the Catholic church and one of the few that are actually biblically sound. Being an ex catholic and now a christian and former baptist minister I can tell you that 95% of catholic doctrine is either made up with no scriptural basis or in direct contradiction to biblical teaching. I was also one of tens of thousands of kids sexually abused by a catholic priest. The bishops are in a world wide conspiracy to protect the church and the pedophile priests and not the kids.

    So just a question, which one of your kids would you choose to murder? The unborn children are God’s children and Jesus said: “whoever harms one of these little ones, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung around his neck and cast into the sea”.

    John Wilder

  4. Steve Greene says:

    I’m pretty sure that Jesus was not talking about the unborn children. In fact, St. Augustine– who is responsible for much of early Catholic doctrine– was quite clear on this point. You are going to have to point me to the parts of the bible which so clearly enjoin abortion– I am not aware of them.

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