Don’t rescue me

Loved this Emily Yoffe story about just how crazy so many pet rescue organizations can be.  In the case of our most recent adoptee, Sasha (pictured below, with Sarah on top), they actually did a background check on us as pet owners with our vet.   It was also pretty clear that they were worried about Alex’s autism being a problem.

But that’s nothing.  You should read the stories in this article.  Here’s a brief litany:

Katie wrote that she wanted to adopt a retired racing greyhound but was told she was not eligible unless she already had an adopted greyhound. Julie got a no from a cat rescue because she was over 60 years old, even though her daughter promised to take in the cat if something happened to Julie. Jen Doe said her boyfriend’s family lives on fenced farm property with sheep, but they weren’t allowed to adopt a border collie—whose raison d’être is herding sheep—because the group insisted it never be allowed off-leash. Philip was rejected because he said he allowed the dog he had to sleep wherever it liked; the right answer was to have a designated sleeping area. Molly, who has rescued Great Danes for more than 30 years, was refused by a Great Dane group because of “concern about my kitchen floor.”

And there’s more egregious examples that Yoffe goes into more detail on.  After a guinea pig tale you’ll have trouble believing, Jack Shafer concludes:  “They are trying to do something good,” he says, “and they end up doing something bad.”

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