Your NC Republican legislature

Big day in NC politics– most notably, our incumbent governor, Bev Perdue, deciding not to run for re-election (she’s been considered among the most vulnerable Democratic governors) and re-districted 13th district Democrat Brad Miller, deciding he was not going to challenge 4th district incumbent (my rep, and former Duke PS Poli Sci professor) David Price.  And, the Lieutant Governor’s chief lawyer died today (quite unexpectedly at the age of 37).  A couple of my journalist friends called it their craziest day ever.

Probably a good thing for NC Republican legislator, Larry Pittman.  Laura Leslie was working on a story about his absurd call for medieval use of the death penalty when the Perdue story broke.  Matthew Burns finished it off, so here it is:

A Cabarrus County lawmaker wants to bring back public hangings in North Carolina as a deterrent to crime, and he says doctors who perform abortions should be in the line to the gallows.

Republican Rep. Larry Pittman, who was appointed to the District 82 House seat in October, expressed his views in an email sent Wednesday to every member of the General Assembly…

“We need to make the death penalty a real deterrent again by actually carrying it out. Every appeal that can be made should have to be made at one time, not in a serial manner,” Pittman wrote in the email. “If murderers (and I would include abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers, as well) are actually executed, it will at least have the deterrent effect upon them. For my money, we should go back to public hangings, which would be more of a deterrent to others, as well.”

Um, wow.  It’s one thing for the nutty, uninformed guy yelling at the tv to think so facilely about politics.  Now, that nutty guy is the sort of state legislator Republicans think should be deciding important issues in this state.  Yikes!  As we know, of course, everybody ever put on death row is obviously guilty.  Why waste time on even a single appeal?!  It’s not like anybody on death row has ever been exonerated.

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  1. Alex says:

    Err, do you have a link handy?

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