SOTU on Twitter

I’ve become a really big fan of the New Yorker’s John Cassidy recently.  He’s got what’s probably my favorite write-up on the SOTU I’ve read so far today, but what I really loved about it was his opening conceit:

What if the State of the Union address was moved to Twitter? What if, rather than presenting a long and tedious speech that would constantly be interrupted by senators and congressmen mugging for the cameras, the President sat in the Oval Office, or anywhere, actually, and tapped out what he had to say in a hundred and forty characters?

Like this, say:

Bin Laden swims with fishes. Economy coming back. R candidate right-wing blowhard or tax-avoiding rich guy. Can’t wait for November.

Or perhaps this:

Things are better! Dow up, U down, Bin Laden dead, Iraq war over. Don’t risk it on rich tax avoider or fornicating influence peddler.

Imagine the possibilities.


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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to SOTU on Twitter

  1. Watching the twitter feed last night (for those who were using the #SOTU hashtag) along with the live broadcast was overwhelming – it was almost worse than the gratuitous applause. I would worry the real message would get lost in the sea of people trying to outsnark and outscoop one another.
    I would have liked seeing a twitterfall behind Biden and Boehner too – so they audience could see what all of “us” were posting!

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