American’s don’t like big

I find this via Gallup somewhat distressing:

Trend: Satisfaction With Size and Power/Influence of Federal Government and Major Corporations

I listened to a radio interview about this last week, and the Gallup guy mentioned that Americans just really don’t seem to like “big” whether it is “big business” or “big government” whereas we love “small.”  Anyway, that decline is both, certainly is interesting.  And, I suspect, largely a degree of overall unhappiness with the state of politics and the economy.

What bothers me about it, though, is this: Big Government may go too far, be inefficient, do stupid things, but at heart, it is government by the people and, at least, intended to make things better for all Americans.  Big Business, in contrast, is intended to make money.  Seems like the former should be more popular than the latter.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

One Response to American’s don’t like big

  1. See this is so true of libs. The rate of increase in our federal budget is about 10% per year. This means that government doubles every 8 years. It is filled with fraud and waste. I know I am currently suing a college in my home town who got a $2.2 mil stimulus grant for a phoney jobs program that did not end up with any jobs.

    John Wilder

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