It’s small, but…

Article in the Post about the fact that Warren Buffett’s secretary– who famously pays a higher federal tax rate than he does– will be sitting with the First Lady at the SOTU tonight.   Anyway, I was just pleased to read this very accurate description of current Republican politics:

Republicans have vowed to oppose any new revenue — including new taxes on millionaires — at a time when the national deficit continues to soar and Congress is trying to identify $1.5 trillion in budget cuts agreed to last summer.

We often hear that Republicans are against raising taxes, but the real problem is that they are against any increase to government revenue.  If they were actually serious about either any kind of compromise or reducing our debt, that would simply not be the case.  Good to see a news article simply call it like it is (a low bar, I know, but sadly one not often met).

About Steve Greene
Professor of Political Science at NC State

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