Ummm, wow.

Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this race anymore.  Perhaps I should give up on anything resembling prognostication.  Then again, this may very well change after Gingrich is battered by an advertising campaign like the one he faced in Iowa.  But, surely Gingrich will having money (and Super-PAC support) flowing in and be able to respond.  Damn, this is really shaping up to be fun!

Nate Silver has a very thoughtful disquisition on whether “this time is different” or not in the Republican primaries.   Conclusion.  Yes.  Or no.

Honestly, things like this are why I so love being a political scientist.   Yeah, it’s great when our theories work and explain everything.  But, it’s even more fun when they don’t and we realize we’re witnessing something new and truly unprecedented.  Obama and Clinton’s ongoing slugfest in 2008 seemed to violate all the stuff I was teaching in my Campaigns & Elections class then and the Republican process this time around is certainly given the indication that there will be some major revisions again.  So much more fun than my other idea of being a History professor.

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Professor of Political Science at NC State

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