Photo of the day

From Time’s photos of the week:

Charly Hengen—US Coastguard

January 13, 2012. This US Coast Guard photo shows the Coast Guard Cutter Healy as it breaks ice as the sun begins to set in the Nome harbor, Alaska. The Healy and crew have been deployed for approximately eight months to support Arctic science research and also escorting and breaking ice for the Russian tanker Renda.


The Call

I haven’t recommended a work of fiction in a while (and I’ve been frustrated on several acclaimed works of recent fiction in a row), so I wanted to put in a plug for The Call by Yannick Murphy.  It’s told from the first-person journal of a Vermont country vet who records each call he goes out on (hence the title), but uses these veterinary entries to also reflect on his life, especially his search for the person who nearly killed his son in a hunting accident.  It was just super engaging and very readable and a very nice change of pace from your standard narrative.  Definitely think about giving it a try.

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